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Out of Province Travel Insurance Plan

Medical costs vary from PROVINCE to PROVINCE and COUNTRY to COUNTRY. The Out of Province travel insurance plan is designed to pay Emergency Hospital and medical benefits in excess of your PROVINCIAL plan.

Coverage can be purchased on a per trip basis or on an annual basis.  

Types of Plans

  1. U.S.A. Travel plan
  2. Non-U.S.A. Plan
  3. Basic Annual Plan
  4. Select Annual Plan (includes Trip Cancellation and Interruption Coverage)
  5. Baggage
  6. Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  7. Air Flight Accident
  8. Trip Interruption
  9. Car Rental Protection
  10. Visitors to Canada Hospital & Medical Coverage

Specialty Plans

  1. Global Expatriate Coverage
  2. Student - International Coverage
  3. Medically Underwritten Travel Insurance

Call 1-800-491-0851
Preferred Agency Rate Code - 3892

Important Notes: Travel Insurance plans are coordinated by Papic & Associates Financial Services Inc. and underwritten through T.I.C. travel insurance coordinators.
You will receive a T.I.C. travel insurance certificate with worldwide access to the 24-Hour Claims Department.

It is a condition of coverage that T.I.C. Agencies Ltd. be notified prior to, or within 48 hours of, admission to Hospital and prior to any invasive investigations or surgery being performed. Failure to do so, without reasonable cause, will reduce eligible expenses by 20%.

Pre-existing medical condition applies to Emergency Excess Hospital and Medical Plans for:

  • a person of any age traveling more than 35 days
  • a person age 71 or over on trips of any length It is advisable to review your policy coverage details prior to leaving your province. Minimum premium per policy: $15.00. Five days transit through the U.S.A. is permitted in Non-U.S.A. Plan. Family Rate applies to 2 adults living in the same residence, plus up to 3 dependents up to and including age 21.
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